4 pages

Who will win the eating contest? It's a face to face fight to the death!

Angry Shark

3 pages

Angry Shark is very angry. Get out of the way of Angry Shark!


3 pages

Burgers are delicious. Make your friends burgers.

The Carnivorous Unicorn

4 pages

It is the carnivorous unicorn. No one is safe.

The Carnivorous Unicorn Returns

4 pages

The carnivorous unicorn returns. No one is safe.


3 pages

A fraternity of fabulously fancy fellows.

Chicken from the Future

4 pages

a chicken from the future uses a portal. all the animals are very surprised.

Dr Cow

3 pages

She is Dr. Cow. How can she help you?

Al! Elevator Operator

3 pages

The anteater get to floor 3 for an important meeting. Al! Elevator Operator is there to help.


3 pages

Where is Frog? He could be anywhere.

Zoom vs Fax

7 pages

Zoom and Fax are two martians. They hate each other and they are enemies.

Mammal and Bird

4 pages

Mammal and Bird meet and have an adventure.

Mammal and Reptile

4 pages

Mammal and Reptile meet and have a conversation.

The Zoo

5 pages

There are many things you can see at the zoo.

Office Giraffe

3 pages

Segment of a documentary about the office giraffe.

Space Shark

2 pages

Space Shark is about a shark in space.

Giant Turtle

5 pages

A psychological study on the hardships of being a giant turtle.

The Race

3 pages

Fast paced action in this race between an alligator and a horse

Chickin Makeover

3 pages

A chicken doesn't have anything to wear. It goes on a journey to find a new look. It goes on a journey to find itself.

Hypo Hippo

5 pages

A hypochondriac hippo is feeling sick. A tale about the dangers of hypochondria and how it affects those around you.


1 pages

A message to a very special cat.