The Wrestling Giraffe
The wrestling giraffe takes down its foes with benevolence and a kind heart. Its finishing move is the gentle ossicone. Its sworn enemy is the Uddertaker.
Old friends
Two old friends dance together thus incrementing their number of shared experiences.
Angry Genetically Engineered Farm Animals
A formidable present for the king
Here's a cat for you Mr. King. The cat likes to eat cactus.
The crocodile and the horse
The crocodile runs. The horse runs. They run together.
The Garden of the Turtle
the turtle has a garden of ice cream. the turtle brings us together.
The eel of bacon
You won’t find the eel in the sea. You won’t find the eel in the river. You won’t find the eel in the water. The eel is inside you.
yo encontre a su gato con h
my cat is blue and has buttoney eyes. my cat doesn’t purr because it is not hungry. whee.
tic ticactus
like february waiting for more innocence. its flicker never ends. it falls in the lake.
the rooster listens to its favorite music and a fuse burns.
province found
the music will be safe henceforth. the knight protects it. turn it on.
Incongruent Dromedarius
the dromedary cannot be found anywhere for it is in hide.
An alligator is presented to a distinguished person not without giving an important message
Tenga Persona Distinguida. Aqui le dejamos este caiman. Tenga cuidado que no queremos que se lo coma. Evitar que se lo coma es de suprema importancia.
It takes a minute to study the moon
It talks to its friend Whitman who is on the moon. It celebrates everything it sees or is, and sings and laughs, and denies nothing.
Hagame el favor señor carpintero
Me gusta su martillo. Hagame el favor de prestarmelo. Tenga usted. Gracias señor carpintero. Esta en muy buen estado.