El truncutroco de las lentejas
iseniborider! no. nobaris jer. eribori. eribori. eribori. eribori. torontontornton. pan. pan. pan.
Cupute. Indegraon.
The greatest substances lead to the greatest experiences. Cantindetol.
The pickle is alone
The pickle is alone. Very alone. But at least inside it’s little box meaner pickles cannot hurt it.
The Brontosaurus is devastated
The brontosaurus doesn’t know what to do when it finds its heart obliterated. How does it begin stitching up the pieces?
The Purple Creature is all Alone
The camel found himself lost, but he was not alone. The purple creature knows where it is, but it is alone. The uniformity is obvious but the circumstances do not permit it.
The Message From the Horse
Devoted and lasting, the Blue Equine gives a message about patience, harmony and conscientiousness. Thank you for your passion and phlegm Blue Equine!
Which is better alligator or crocodile?
It is a question that is often asked, but the truth is that alligators and crocodiles agree that they are equal. The alligator-crocodile hostility is fictitious.
There’s love in every Kingdom
Although often ignored, the protist kingdom has a buoyant dating scene.
Sorry about your brainwash
In retrospect, there were things you may have enjoyed more than a brainwash. I’ll try to do better next time.
It’s not your fault
Big predicaments are often not spawned by those we condemn. You may powerless but I think you are the greatest!
The Chicken Flies Happily
The chicken enjoys its favorite mean of transportation: flight. With the power of flight the chicken can traverse long distances in short time.
Follow him
It is difficult to follow your heart, but maybe one day you will get to make him company and you will both be happy and eat ice cream and play in the swings and sing together.
The universe is not big enough to hold the majestic magnificence of the Intergalactaco. It flies through the cosmos planting the seed of taco in worthy planets. Come back soon Intergalactaco!
The Mammals dialogue
The Meeting of the Mammals took place yesterday. In it the mammals talked about a variety of situations that affect all of them. They agreed in the most important points and reached consensus. Mammals in general are much happier now.
Velocidades Fantasticas y Deterministicas
La cosa con el destino es que te sorprende cuando menos te lo esperas. Nunca imagino que terminaria asi.