Scientific Facts About Lightning
Scientist don’t understand the whole process, but it is believed that lightning is generated by a giant dinosaur that lives in the clouds.
Fish Fish
A fish and a fish misinterpreted the significance of the idea but that is not a problem.
The Legendary Martial Artist Fish Horse
With the power to control all gaseous elements, the legendary martial artist fish horse helps those who cannot help themselves. Legendary Martial Artist Fish Horse: Away!
The Magical Amulet of the Mammals
The Wizard will Weaken the Winner who Wears the Wand with Wit.
The Green Animal Has a Cow In The Head
What is the mammal doing in the amphibian’s head? It is not wearing a shirt.
The Flora and Fauna Combined
Some kingdoms should be consolidated to make nature books shorter.
The friendly flatfish
The friendly flatfish finally finds a flower.
Aun no te ha llegado la hora mi querida Iguana.
Querida Iguana: Los dinosaurios desaparecieron hace mucho tiempo. Las iguanas no estan extintas y todos les damos mucho amor.
The Claustric Confinement
He is confined to his own little world. He has parties in his mind.
The Arthritic Dromedary
He may be in route to a successful recovery of a lower back operation, but life is not as exciting as it used to be. Get well Arthritic Dromedary!
Tentacles, fangs and lack of flowers
This monster has everything: tentacles, fangs and a genuine wish to spread happiness.
The Hidden Emotions
The Bagger Horse learns what happened to his friend. What is going through his mind?
The toad and the eraser
There are only two things that can be contrasted in the same way that the toad and the eraser can be contrasted. The parallels are stunning.
The Whale Has a Headache
When the whale has a headache it puts something cold on top of its head. That makes it feel better.
The Allosaurus needs Comfort
The Allosaurus needs some comfort for he is sad. Luckily, the Stegosaurus is there to help him. We want you to be happy Allosaurus!