Cat Can Car!
The cat can drive the banana car. Vroom, vroom.
The Whale!
Hooray! The apple has been saved by the whale. Now it’s time to go home and do photosynthesis.
The party in the deep seas
There’s a party in the deep sea and everyone is invited!
The Burger Cook reaches new heights thanks to chicken!
Burgers never thought there would be a day when they would collaborate with Poultry. However, the day is here and it is delicious!
The man and the rock
A man A rock
The Treehorse
A willing carrot on the back of the treehorse serves as a metaphor of the uncompromising virtues of the laloplegia.
Mr. Ballo the horse misses neighing
Mr. Ballo may be able to see through walls, but Mr. Ballo wishes he had never entered that rocket.
The Balanced Diet
Mr. Toad is on a strict diet of boiled egg. How he misses the delicious flies he used to eat!
El Tiranosaurio Mex
La mejor fiesta prehistorica es amenizada por el Tiranosaurio Mex! Sus chistes y ocurrencias deleitan a todos sus amigos.
Delicious chicken!
The Aliens have found a chicken to eat. They insert their a proboscis under the wing and proceed to suck the succulent interior.
The Elephant Wants Revenge
Elephant + Flame Thrower = Eleflamethrower!
La girafa al reves
La girafa se trata de comunicar con el cerdo azul mediante gestos. El importante mensaje que le quiere dar es relacionado a las verduras. La victoria sera unicamente para el vencedor.
The Space Burger visits the final frontier
The cake is OK and the space burger, piloted by the french fry crew, is going to visit it.
Boarding a plane
The airplane knows that boarding is the most difficult part of a flight. Mysterious transition?
Wonderful Fish!
The horse caught a wonderful fish. He is going to name it Peppy and cook it over a fire.