El poponoster termina su obra maestra
Poponoster knows what is missing from the painting. A lightbulb!
One of the few eternal fights
Bears were the cause of extinction of the pterodactyls. In the future, pterodactyls are going to cause the extinction of the bears.
Eyedrops for the fish
The fish has something in its eye and needs eyedrops.
The Desert Island
The Desert Island is truly deserted. It has no friends, it has no family. It is deserted.
The best dinosaur portrait
This is the dinosaur portrait. It depicts a gentle and innocent soul.
Take a ride with the caring anteater!
The caring anteater took the epileptic lizard to see the star. "I will grant you one wish" - said the star.
This is me, sitting in my box
I am happy when I’m in my box. Yay for my box!
There’s something wrong with the car.
I have found what is wrong with the car. There is a fish in the carburetor.
The Stagnant Aphoteosis of the Letter O
Bullies can be very cruel and sometimes they take it too far. Fat vowels are never the most popular letter in the alphabet.
Good Vegans Drink Milk from the Udder Tree
The juice of the udder fruit is one of the most popular milk substitutes. It tastes great when frozen.
It was an exciting hunt for the hole
The Treveyords celebrate their annual hunt for the hole. Many don’t even know where to start looking. The insistent metaphor.
Dr. Candycane is an efficient proctologist
"Your prostrate seems to be in good condition Mr. Rambaloo. " - said Dr. Candycane - "I can tell by inserting my finger in your anus."
The Man on the Island Sits Down to Ponder the Coconut
There are not many things to contemplate on the island. Not having anyone to talk to, the man sits down and ponders the coconut. The coconut is not the talking type.
El optimismo del Saposaposapo
No todos los dias son buenos, pero ciertamente el Saposaposapo goza de un optimismo poco comun. Me quisiera comer el Saposaposapo.
El Buen Lagarto Sabe Volar
Son muchos los lagartos que no saben volar. Pero El Buen Lagarto aprendio a volar a la corta edad de 3 años. El Buen Lagarto quiere a los niños y les regala caramelos y golosinas. ¡Vuela Buen Lagarto, vuela!