i was on a safari when we saw an elephanana.

stop elephanana! we want to give you some peanuts

the elephanana posed for some pictures

elephananas like to pretend they are fashion models

we named it gary

bye gary!

my friend has a farm with birdnanas.

we visited them and fed them corn.

cluck, birdnana. cluck.

they showed me their coop

and introduced me to their family.

they like to sing songs

and play guitar.

see you soon birdnana!

“moo” says the bamoomoo.

“moo” it says when it’s hungry.

“moo” it says when it’s raining.

“moo” it says when it’s playing.

“moo” it says to say good bye.

the bananananafish lives in the water.

it plays in the ocean

it plays in the river

it likes to play wiffleball

so i named it ryan

don’t forget to call me, bananananafish.